About Our Cuisine


Due to the nature of the region, the Mediterranean offers one of the most colorful and vibrant collections of cuisines in the world. Although varied, there are some common ingredients enjoyed throughout the region, including olive oil, and an emphasis on fresh vegetables and seafood.

Fresh seafood from the Mediterranean Sea, prepared with flavorful vegetables, is found at the center of traditional Greek cooking. Greek cuisine also features olives, olive oil, eggplant, herbs, fruits, cheese, lamb and beef. Italian cuisine uses herbs, tomato, garlic and wine to create sauces to flavor meat, chicken and seafood. Ingredients and cooking styles vary depending on climate, terrain, and traditions of the region.

At Delia’s, we use the freshest ingredients to create a culmination of flavors and recipes that represent Mediterranean food at its best.


Mediterranean cuisine has stood up to clinical scrutiny as well; large-scale studies have shown that when people are put on a Mediterranean eating program, they tend to live longer and have lower rates of heart disease and some cancers, when compared with other groups following conventional eating plans. Eating Well magazine says:

“Another recent study by Spanish researchers reports that people who adhered most closely to Mediterranean Diet principles reduced their risk of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 83 percent, compared with those who didn’t. We also know the diet reduces inflammation, a risk factor for heart attack and stroke, and may even ward off depression and lower the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease.”

The Harvard School of Public Health says:¬†Studies also show that a Mediterranean diet “is more effective for long-term weight loss than a low-fat diet.”

Come in to Delia’s and enjoy one of the best tasting and healthiest cuisines in the world!